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Antritrust legislation in an unsustainable development

FeaturedAntritrust legislation in an unsustainable development

The idea of this law is about avoiding actions that could interact with the free market, the interest of competing without barriers. First of all, the context of the environment crisis needs to be presented, with a high degree of air contamination and land, water toxicity, thousands of endangered species. With thousands dying each day without food or medicines, some areas without education facilities or social security, and an obviously unfair assignation of goods where the richest areas take almost 80% of the available resources while "third worlds" take the other 20% but having much more population.

“The free market” continues with several power units trying to continue exploiting natural resources leading to an unsustainable development, anchored in the wrong technology, creating more toxicity and accustoming to the population to demand their products, with a controlled market where renewable, clean and rational energies don't find a competitive position to really conclude all the constant pollution.

The debate about free markets or controlled is not closed, but if anything seems clear are the contemporary results. Any company could disappear stochastically or appear by millions creating a high degree of growth. Nobody has the vision to comprehend the market because it acts like an inflation graph, without real patterns because it depends on permutations with too many zeros being each individual complex.

The antitrust legislation tries to promote the competition and a constant production of goods, expecting to fulfill the caprices of the market. Those not competent (in knowing how the population wants their products) will be crashed by the system and everybody must continue without worrying about that great quantity of efforts and resources lost because that attempt of competition. Then, more production causes more resource consumption, fashions, advertisement and people without problems to throw items with a longer lifespan or companies building products precisely for that action.

It arises a simple question, if this continues... until what kind of planet destruction? And, does it have solution? Perhaps it's time to consider that the international organization in terms of government chooses a path that goes to an inconsistent present and future.

The most important topic, the environment, was not a top priority but after too many lucrative figures and now, that's where big decisions need to be taken to stop those competitions that are the cause of the environment crisis, worse each minute.

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