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More warranty years or...

FeaturedMore warranty years or...

Even buying with responsibility sometimes there are aspects that nobody could guess at a first look. If these details are capable of destroying the product after a while, it gives origin to a cycle of destruction, recycling and re-purchasing another of similar characteristics. Today, this cycle heavily contaminates multiple locations in land, sea and air.

In the current capitalist system, where sales are the key to stay alive in the ferocious competition, a constant risk of unethical practices arises. One of the most easily conceived is when some group of designers establish a desired lifetime for the product. In the industrial scene, that's a simplicity because mainly materials but concreting a bit more engines, springs, electronic parts, plastics, paints, … are well understood and everybody could think in thousand tricks for this purpose.

More than five decades ago the products were well done in general, with strong materials and thought to be durable and create quality of life. Now, the quality exists, but principally in the luxury, industrial, professional areas, not especially for “consumers”; whom matters most.

A feasible appreciation underlies in the warranty period because a great quantity of manufacturers prefer to stay in the year or even less. It's rare to see 10 years, 20 years, or more and then, aren't they sure of the quality? Take the money and run? This tendency of creating constant products with poor, short warranty was a reason for revenues in the billion figure each period. Anyone could analyze these numbers and it's a good path to understand that they could have won less improving conditions and ensuring that nobody will have a damaged product the next month after the warranty expiration.

If the manufacturer only assures a year, the unethical engineering team could (and they do) stress pieces with the complete security that their plan will work. It would be very different if the law compels to a minimum of five years, wouldn't it?

Anyway, a warranty lifetime of ten years each product doesn't make our environment cleaner nor utilizes intelligently the planet resources. Contrarily, it leads to vast locations of waste and in general, the metaphorical proof that the human specie is not doing well its hegemonic role.

Different companies know what waste and environmental impact means though, and they are obviously unethical promoting the environmental disaster that each hour is more critical. Someday every one of us must remind what was our life, what we did, why and in front of who. Some people know that the future will not approve their actions, neither external judges with unbiased perceptions, away of the lucrative interest chain and the invention of the money, liberalism and subjective taxation of goods where the result is clear as the contemporary history states.

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