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Overpopulation appears as one of the most critical enemies of sustainability in the actual scenario, although with other international organization, to achieve prosperity would be maybe possible even with a high number of human beings... in controlled environments and why not being beneficial with the planet.

All is in the organization, of course, and the present day doesn't fit as an example of right procedures. First of all, the term overpopulation maintains a considerable subjective biasing, thus it could experience sudden changes in dependance of several factors. The problem arises when some areas aren't enough developed and the lack of resources cause death, poverty and other social problems with high impact. Then, overpopulation could appear as an excuse without being the real origin.

Nevertheless, overpopulation starts to be aside of subjective appreciations in some zones and there's no other option that to think methods to overcome it. Anyone should understand that if every woman decides to have an exclusive single child, the population could be reduced in a short period until 50% or more.

More population tends to create fewer opportunities due to more competency and the capitalist system usually takes advantage of these realities with labor legislation, very unfortunate for workers. Statistically the finite and first necessity resources aren't in more hands and some of them could be empty as it happens today with fatal results.

In the year 1960 the population was near about one billion, and in a mere half century the population is now more than seven billion. The number of combustion vehicles polluting air is estimated in one billion, and that would be evidently impossible in 1960. Life expectancy augments as a sign of development in medical and nutritional areas, forgetting now quality of life related with health, and the main problem is that a single human could be really expensive for the finite resources if he or she has power for it.

Waste statistics are frequently made per single person by year. Vehicle distances; energy consumption; water usage; plastic bags per year; trash by year, …

If international governments are waiting to the future without complex measures, the environment crisis is going to increase toward limits that rational species must not face, if finally act that way.

The year 2050 is not very far away and the estimated population is nothing less than 9.300.000.000 individuals (source United Nations).

If you analyze that number, simply doesn't trust individual or social measures about overpopulation. That couple that understands the problem with intelligence, in a society that does the same where everybody try to achieve prosperity without condemning others.

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