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Plastic bag estimations in any day

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The world population has been augmenting lately, and it's rare to make something that is not usual in some form. One action plus another here and there and the numbers start to be very worrying.

This is what happens with plastic bags, with thousand million shopping centers, supermarkets of any size, multiple local shops, … The plastic bag is everywhere because it's very handy for clients, whom in some situations are converted in mobile advertisements with the printed logo.

There are cheap reusable bags made from robust materials, with a lifespan of approximately one year at a constant use and a size that perfectly enters in the pocket, properly folded. The rest are void words and lamentable consequences.

After years and years, any observer could be studying the social behavior to understand that the most relevant part of the population has the opportunity of don't demand plastic bags. Nevertheless, if the establishment provides them for free, a little percentage carries its own reusable bags.

That's a terrible mistake because actually one of the greatest environment hazards comes in the form of plastic usage, and severely contaminates numerous areas with materials hardly biodegraded in hundred years. Or visual contamination.

It's incredible how the people might be tremendously irresponsible with their own habitat, like innocent child that don't understand that this character creates sure risks and overall ecosystem toxicity, affecting health and quality of life.

Now, numbers for keeping you awake on this reality: some sources cite that any day, the quantity of plastic bags circulating could be 500 billion, with peaks of 1 trillion. A usual citizen consuming, in a lot of countries, more than 250 plastic bags each year. With fifty million citizens, 12.500.000.000 bags...

Automatically, that number could be reduced to two per person in an entire year if the world population starts to employ reusable bags. And this time, the choice is in our hands. All the people that are cooperating with this environmental aggression should understand that sooner or later, they are going to face the consequences, and in their life... because this is not a child's game.

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