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Fracking for... say interest!

FeaturedFracking for... say interest!

According to Wikipedia, in 1860 some primitive methods could be compared with fracking when some perhaps business entity did decide to use nitroglycerine for being injected in the subsoil and making easier the oil extraction process.

The techniques in this aspect were evolving and making the oil more expensive, with a wrong perception toward observers, as there's a high chance of environment contamination and consequences for the future (and that deserves a pejorative adjective) due to the use of chemicals and other unknown side effects, as always.

It looks like interrelated companies don't care about how but how much black gold for being extracted. Furthermore the main responsible for calling it that way is the general population of some countries, because in the present day this product is ready to be sold almost instantaneously and with a high price per liter.

Then, who has the power of changing everything? If all people decide to not purchase another liter of a sector that doesn't play fair leading to climate change and overall air toxicity, these companies would be in bankruptcy, without money to stay creating environmental issues. Shareholders are specialists in selecting quickly another jacket, so they would make some noise falling.

It's true that in some cases to stay aside vehicles could be really difficult but anyway there's who even in that situation finds a method to reduce its usage or decides to make an effort and purchase an electric vehicle, even if they are particularly ugly, expensive or less convenient in general.

The planet Earth is our home by the way!

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