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To be the cause of an extinction is one of the worst imaginable brutalities of a rational being. Each one forms part of the world's complexity and everyone has the right of living in a diverse future, with possibilities. Although, sadly, there's always a risk of being destroyed, minimized by savages. Superstitions and tendentious reflections aside, the unique home that anyone of us might assure is planet Earth; for it, every concern about its conservation is necessary... specially avoiding contamination and unsustainability, plus of course respecting the life of our unique reachable neighbors: Earth's living museum, created by an engineer / artist out of our reach and then amazing until degrees difficult to catch.

Private lucrative interest and machines are since decades ago a great enemy of the cultural heritage and the extreme work of Nature, already causing numerous extinctions and endangering multiple species. The human specie is practically endangered with thousands of thermonuclear weapons around there and too many killing devices being actively developed by military and without serious policies for disarming governments. Oppression, threats, insecurity, labor and economic resources being destined toward areas that with other education and existential view, they are useless (specially military per nation). Nevertheless any individual depends on air, food, water and a clean ecosystem. Quality of life is much better in a clean, healthy, peaceful and complex, sophisticated environment. There are few doubts about this.

These times are difficult, but Nature does provide with superior intelligence a chance even for extinct species with a library of instructions constrained in DNA. A possibility, not sure but opens the eyes to an optimistic character and attitude.

But now, it's moment to mention the reality of current societies' behavior, in general, those that caused extinctions, signed by human acts. The judgment is then against observable facts; no external observer should individualize.

Some sources cite five thousand, others more than fifteen thousand species in risk of extinction. It's even more lamentable when we were created by Nature. Groups that decide to act like its enemy, destroying and endangering the environment in exchange for their personal welfare, luxury and commodities.

Because it seems a luxury to have transportation based in combustion engines if the atmosphere is being damaged. Supermarkets to select whims and condemn to every day waste in the same context that others die by hunger. Thousands of liters per person each day in some developed societies, and energy consumption that causes overall pollution. Oceans, lands and their lives treated like another free resource to exploit, with vegans demonstrating that it's more than possible to be aside exploitation and cruelty. A civilization with frontiers, without interacting with the exterior and its species is more than possible.

Any individual without interest on being responsible, dancing to the financial and private interest should remember that the history is fulfilled by decisions, where no rational could argue about a domination of his / her life. If you choose the path that leads to extinctions, you are also responsible. That's why every individual must think about it with care.

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