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Several efforts are being made in this field, with specific companies showing a considerable responsibility with the environment. Although there are also examples of those who don't follow more rules than to exploit for individual benefit, present themselves to the public opinion with a green smile, and take advantage of when others invest and take this aspect as a high priority even if the price of the produced goods could be less competitive.

An interesting reflection could seem to think if the methodology of several companies would be considered sustainable even trying to be so. For instance electronic waste creates a very problematic environmental impact and interrelated companies need people consuming for being ahead of bankruptcy, the problem always some steps behind and making noise when catches one.

Then, the described reality to analyze is not very complex. It's necessary to keep customers constantly purchasing; and then, producing a crazy quantity of waste, very difficult of being recycled. In other words, this doesn't have solution by definition. These companies promote the cycle of renewing products and in some cases even employing techniques to guarantee that the product will be despised, worthless after several years.

It looks like the lucrative interest in some situations is capable of making multiple companies being much more worried about producing fast and cheap than to ensure that in the future, it will be easy to recycle all this vast quantity of materials. Creating a puzzle with too many pieces, after, to take individual ones might require great amounts of work as it happens today with electronic waste as newly one of the best examples.

Anyway it's helpful to remind that every customer also has the role of deciding what kind of products complain with his / her expectations for a healthy place to live, and for descendants / generations to come. Let's see how societies evolve on this aspect!

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