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An ecohouse is a home built with energy optimization in mind, without using materials or techniques potentially harmful to the environment. It usually bundles solar panels, geothermal heaters or wind turbines for obtaining clean energy and systems thought to keep the internal temperature naturally controlled. For that it employs special materials in windows, walls or the structure.

Another usual characteristic of an ecohouse is having considerable vegetation to obtain its benefits like converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and for stabilizing temperature and humidity. Plants also look really nice!

Nothing stops you to convert any house in an ecohouse, and in fact is an intelligent idea. Renewable energy is free and clean, even if some companies insist on putting prices to it instead of selling kits for being harvested. So why lose the opportunity of being entirely independent of energy contracts?

Are we going to see how governments try charging for breathing oxygen or using Sun's energy? That would be very, very primitive and more than a shame, wouldn't it?

We think that is secure to invest in an ecohouse, and for sure increases your degree of responsibility with the environment. At the same time, it avoids guilt because the electricity that comes from usual providers is not always produced by renewable sources, and then, by methods that create more pollution and overall degradation of the ecosystem.

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