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FeaturedThese priceless pictographs have thousands of years!These priceless pictographs have thousands of years!

There's an evident big difference between the consequences of doing activities that don't demand external energy and others where the consumption is really high. Some do find with a piece of paper and a pen an amazing activity because of their artistic skills, while others need to employ expensive gaming rigs or other entertainment setups with five hundred watts or even more to fight boredom.

The first one could be developing him/herself each day, advancing until reaching mastery while the other will touch a limit and with it, the lack of interest. The most valuable things are those that nobody can't even think in to purchase them like talent and it's a tragedy how multiple people put themselves in a boat that doesn't go nowhere and never will.

To humans, the key is constant, every day practice because with it the brain gets more precise and skilled. So, if you are a rich individual that only practices to buy things, you could never compare with several masters in their area, even being the richest of the contemporary world.

Numerous musicians prefer to dedicate time with the instrument that any other activity, the same with painters, writers, ..., also scientists, engineers or inventors.

Thousands of activities without a single demand of external energy might make your day useful, but in the other side there's who likes to advertise distractions, caprices, fashion and sometimes trying to erase the critic capability of the rational condition. Did you read about e-waste? Never is too late to begin this kind of activities, so if you like to consume, why not a pen and a white paper!

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