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Contamination and electricity

Contamination and electricity

In other article we mentioned that Electricity is not always clean because sometimes is produced burning carbon or using other sources that contaminate or generate non planet friendly waste like nuclear plants.

It's then time to re-analyse all that advertisements about clean vehicles, ecologic devices and such lamentable half-truths when not a simple lie.

And now the numbers, how much electricity is produced this way, releasing carbon dioxide or creating waste? In several places, is near 50%, being carbon more or less 25% and nuclear the other half. Please confirm it by yourself, only a percentage is from clean, theoretically non problematic sources.

With that numbers, to advertise the electricity or devices that use it as completely clean is not ethical nor rational.

So ... yes, to consume electricity in the current epoch could be a synonym of contaminating and creating waste, although some people that even use pollution machines like combustion vehicles seem not to care about the quality of the oxygen they breathe, or harming the atmosphere.

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