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Carbon and graphene

FeaturedCarbon and graphene

Carbon is a chemical element with a main presence in the formation of the life, a wild card in molecule formation. Graphite is one of its allotropes, and a very good conductor of electricity ... But graphene, it's the number one known material, ahead of both silver and copper.

If we divide one meter into a million, and take nine of this units, nanometres, would have the height of the 2D arrangement of graphene molecules.

It can be printed like any ink, and it means that the production factories should think (and statistically they are) about a very interesting system to high performance, low cost electronics, and, most importantly, avoiding chemicals in the process of PCB fabrication.

Besides, the wonderful material as normally called, shows an incredible strength, with scientific claims about being the strongest material in the world.

It comes to be a revolution, then, so who doesn't want to have graphene in his/her hands?

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