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The soil is obviously not fertile forever and makes the point for not overusing it. The auto-service in supermarkets for instance means that every day an incredible quantity of goods are wasted because no one picked them up. So the production cycle starts other time, albeit sadly with a consequence.

It would be smarter not to do so like in the actual time, but for this is required a big change in the behaviour of current capitalistic interests, and also from the population. Mere cravings decide in the same place in which you could imagine a future where having resources or not is the key for living.

Several companies are trying to exchange fertility for producing biofuel. To focus other energy than the one produced each instant by the Sun without using until the last watt of it sounds insane, but it's true like the air contamination that today is inside every city with combustion vehicles being normal for transportation, once semiconductors or graphene are ready for giving energy after simple sunlight exposure.

It means something, we are still primitive species with a little understanding of what's really important: taking care of the planet resources and equilibrium because all life needs them, specially future generations. There are things much more important that consuming or thinking in oneself because if the resources are incorrectly used the survival of the young ones will be impossible.

For thinking, an example. The oil resources were in geological proportions like water is right now, but creating a system to consume them, in not more than a few decades there are problems to extract and use this resource. A wrong move in selecting what's next could be catastrophic, causing even more pollution and gradual desertification.

There is time for talking about critical issues and to start being aware.

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