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There's gravity, magnetism, flow of water, wind, tides, waves, pressure, flotation, ..., and geothermal is also in the list. Would it be intelligent in an area where the sun is capable of placing as much energy? Could it be depleted in some form? If so, what kind of collateral damage would exist?

If you ask some scientist about the origin of geothermal energy you will probably get radioactive decay as an answer. Then, we are talking about nuclear energy, still being studied thus not totally understood and ... if the multidimensional theories are proven, who could?

A number of nations, more than twenty in the present day, are interested in using this resource for electricity production, reaching even several thousands of megawatts per year. Not pools or Greek baths, they try hard!

It's presented as a clean energy, but like it was said, perhaps not the best idea because first, for looking at energies that decay in some form or are part of another geological processes, we should forget the incredible energy that comes from the Sun every second, triggered without reachable solution. And, that's not really easy!

What do you think about it? Is the right place to look?

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