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Global electric vehicle sales estimations

FeaturedGlobal electric vehicle sales estimations

Several sources are talking about the constant increase in EV sales in the past years, making estimations based on this quantitative figures. Some point a 7% of global sales in 2020, others an increase of 48% in sales each year. The reality is that EV technology uses the best energy, potentially 100% clean, and in some circumstances it's even possible to avoid completely paying for electricity if the user has technology for intercepting renewable energy, specially solar with photovoltaic panels. This could be done via installations in buildings or homes, or those promoted by the government. Parking with charging, that's interesting!

Tesla Motors is pioneering to give electricity for free once a concrete model is bought. There's room for more companies building charging stations based on solar panels, or to standardize batteries for fast swap. In fact, the energy density of Li-Ion batteries is already enough for making the EV viable for traveling around the entire planet, and now the fight is against oil, pollution based billionaires and habituation.

The EV user also contributes to create demand of electricity, and that means more renewable energy facilities and with them actions to fight against climate change and greenhouse gases.

Plugin Electric Vehicle (PEV) sales right now reaches more than 2% of total in Norway!

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