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Change EV batteries in record time

Change EV batteries in record time

When comes to recharge batteries, there is a high quantity of time specifications. Some believe that supercapacitors will be the next generation, others argue that lithium will stay, even batteries using air. It's a game of luck trying to predict what technology will be more widely used, while some companies focus the battery swap as the primary interest.

Some take the machine of producing CO2, and take it to the gas station, and it's very expensive and time-consuming because the gasoline needs to pass for a pretty small conduct. Besides, it's not the first explosion that occurs and with fatal consequences. The electricity is also very dangerous, but doesn't explode and with isolation and other protection circuits in the batteries or at the recharging cable, should be almost impossible to cause deaths.

Taking the reductionist approach, to continue travelling, there are two available methodologies when the vehicle arrives at the station with low energy. To recharge or replace, that's the question. A standard battery model adopted for each vehicle manufacturer must offer advantages like not being worried about the price of a new battery when it comes to its end, sooner or later.

It would be also interesting because manufacturers could release batteries with higher capacities after new developments, without intrinsic limitations of each vehicle model. That's when the engineering for being durable or sold starts, better to the user or to the business ... How many laptops were wasted because of the high price of the battery replacement?

Also we could think about that replacing a previously charged battery sounds nice, fast. With the weight of current vehicles, some with more than one ton, the battery should be heavy, not for doing it with your hands. Well, with a reasonable size and some wheel here or there and a fix mechanism, why not? Even faster if you are in a hurry.

There's a company, one of the contemporary pioneers in this EV adventure to the future, but sadly still with an almost luxury oriented production, Tesla Motors, that shows a ninety seconds automatic battery replacement. Really wonderful if you compare it to the time of fulling the tank with gas, and that means without open the door!

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