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Smart, a Daimler AG brand, is producing a good looking electric bike with interesting characteristics. In the advertisement they warn about 6 months of life spent in traffic jams!

For sure they are not talking about everybody, but this could be decisive to consider using a bike instead of other transportation methods.

With electric bikes you can choose between pedals alone or with the help of an electric motor. The Smart electric bike also employs regenerative braking and allows an approximate range of 100 kilometers with a single charge. Not bad for a lithium-ion pack that weighs only 3.3 kg. The battery is also detachable, thus gives the possibility of having extra batteries.

The Smart electric bike has a panel with important information like speed and charge, while also permits to anchor the smartphone above the panel. That means GPS, maps, statistics and much more.

Charging time to 100% is about five hours, but like it's usual in this kind of battery technology the last 20% of charge has a worse ratio, so with 3 hours and a new battery you could have 80% of capacity. The motor produces 200W of power and 35 Nm of torque.

A maximum speed of 24.1 km/h is enough and most importantly, safe. You could also break the world marathon record with this speed!

Front and rear LED lights, hydraulic disc brakes and an aluminium frame and fork. This material permits a total weight of 26.1 kilograms.

An amazing feature is the carbon-toothed belt for traction, ensuring that clothes will be free of the problematic grease or damage coming from the habitual bike chain.

And considering the price of some bikes around there, the Smart e-bike official price is not too astronomic for Europe, about 2950€ by 2013. In USA near $3980. For this price, you could expect quality construction and long term service.

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