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Electric cars, the new age

FeaturedElectric cars, the new age

The option was there during so much time but now the benefits are multiplied as the technology evolves. In some places, electric vehicle sales occupy 1/4 of the total. Numbers that a hundred years ago were rare, although the revolution is happening for a reason.

Air pollution is a source of health issues of maximum relevance, both in terms of physical interaction with the organism and due to eventual climate instabilities. A rational individual should take this as a top priority, without promoting harm to its own environment.

Electricity is the perfect energy for a civilization, clean, powerful and easily transportable. While the problem was to achieve range and charge times now these factors are ready to be tolerated or in some cases perfectly enough to build millions of successful histories about modern electric vehicles. This means it's not necessary to wait for different battery technologies to enjoy the benefits. Right now, ready! And never forget that with the aid of some solar panels, say goodbye to fuel expenses during decades!

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