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Electric vehicle distance with single charge comparison

FeaturedElectric vehicle distance with single charge comparison

In case you are wondering about how many kilometres can be traveled with a single charge we were collecting some information on the subject. First, please remember that the presented data is assuming a normal operation because in case of experts focusing principally low speeds the distance can reach even more than one thousand kilometres as Daihatsu Mira EV did in 2010 putting the top mark in 1003 kilometres (623.76 miles). At top speed or in other extreme situations are obviously also divided by some factor.

*The EPA certified rating is preferred, and after provided by manufacturers.

electric vehicle distance one charge comparison

The values are complemented with vehicle weight and length:

electric vehicle weight comparison

electric vehicle length comparison

The record for a commercial vehicle without special modifications is Tesla Model S by Tesla Motors reaching 426 km (265 miles) but its price is not exactly the cheapest in market. As the luxury increases normally also the overall size, weight and wheel diameter.

This aspect is very relevant in comparisons like the common price per 100 km. Tesla Model S has an estimated consumption of 4.56$ while Toyota Scion iQ EV provides a more interesting 3.36$, but 61 km (38 miles) of range. Of course don't be too fooled with numbers like this or others like C2O emission as with renewable energies like solar panels could exactly be 0$ per thousand kilometres after the investment on inherent technology and that's why some industries aren't happy with possible changes.

However, they are right now in the market for being massively purchased and installed at the roof or your house, building or in any place.

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