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Road to electric vehicles

Road to electric vehicles

Once upon a time cars appeared carriages; perhaps a design without horses ... changing the reins for another wheel, but this time a moving one. Black gold did not come to help the oxygen to breathe although it was very profitable for some people. It's true that the energy per unit of volume is hard to beat talking about gasoline, but right now graphene and other 2D like atomical structures could finally put a heavy weight in the clean part of the balance, raising to vehicle producers the right wind to understand that investing in the combustion engine is simply not rational. Anyway, with current technology is already possible and some of them are investing with perspectives of future.

For decades, the pollution cloud was there (still is!) in several cities and a result of loosening an energy that for sure can be stored other millions of years. We do not want to live right now a change in our lives that could make us really dependant of this oil property, without reservoirs.

The electricity comes to aid, it should be the next step to stop this toxic era. And as the population is already accustumed to vehicles, electric ones. There are new options, and the high price of gasoline is making a lot of people thinking in to buy an electric vehicle.

Volkswagen did talk recently about about 4$ / 3€ per 100 kilometres, with 11.7 kilowatts-hour. Other manufacturers are now doing cars with more than 300 kilometres with one charge so it starts to be an interesing reality for everybody.

What do you think? Is it time to leave air toxicity in history books?

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