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EV benefits, some difficult to forget

FeaturedEV benefits, some difficult to forget

Oil continues being more expensive each day, and produces air pollution with a level of toxicity. As sunlight is almost everywhere, electricity would be free after a minor installation and completely separated from noxious implications toward the personal history or the environment which includes multiple species.

Gasoline now starts to be also an investment even for medium distances, while the user also knows that there are big problems caused by the pollution that inexorably is going out from the exhaust tube in that precise instant when the combustion engine is working. “Green cars” with combustion motors doesn't exist, with 100 grams per kilometer, driving 100.000 kilometers the result is critical, far from green, so please identify unethical, fantasy advertisements. In psychological terms, it usually causes a sense of rejection because all of us depend on air, have (or had) family and we must care about new generations as others did for us in the past.

Due to the increase of carbon dioxide emissions the chemical composition of the atmosphere changes toward unknown consequences, surely bad ones. Other main problem, as anyone insists once knows it, appears in the so-called ocean acidification when the carbon dioxide reacts with the ocean's water changing the pH, affecting multiple species that were on a delicate equilibrium.

Following others not as transcendental:

EV commonly have a DC (Direct Current) motor, whose simplicity in comparison with combustion engines should ensure a better lifespan and less maintenance. As a rule, DC motors do not lose performance with time, and even withstand some enhancement if the constituent materials are kept in an appropriate temperature.

Some researchers know about issues with relationship to high noise levels, an aspect that electric vehicles reduce in general. Different locations have an intensity far from recommended. Like the air toxicity, the noise interferes with the life experience making it simply worse in comparison. A factor that every individual experiences, in any sector or economic position, even if the wealth comes from the oil business. Same for more serious climate adversities.

Solar panels are advancing toward greater efficiencies and reasonable prices and there's the possibility of harvesting energy as the vehicle moves or for sure with a foldable panel for emergencies. That nightmare of being alone in a desert without electric power nowhere shouldn't exist anymore.

With Li-Ion technology the number of recharging cycles ensures enough mileage range for intensive uses. The feat of traveling around the world disappeared long ago.

Having a battery-swap mechanism, the involved time in service stations should be less, with room for improvement in the future.

A battery pack replacement could improve range or why not performance, renewing the vehicle.

Electric vehicles are the unstoppable present and future!

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