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Bike to e-bike conversion part one

FeaturedBike to e-bike conversion part one

The e-bike market has different prices and options, and some of them expensive! It's not difficult to find models with prices comparable to entire cars, or others too separated from the average price for a usual bike. It's true that some bicycles follow the same high-end / professional path, although sometimes, when the main beneficiary is the environment in which all people live and also in the future, the profit should be considered low on the list of priorities, thinking more in the accessibility for everyone.

Multiple electric vehicles are right now advertised as top of the line, futuristic and ahead in price of other alternatives, those that lamentably pollute the air.

However don't be easily tricked with this as electric vehicles should have a simpler operation with less building blocks. Battery, DC motor and some circuit boards for charging and protection, a resistor for velocity control plus direction and other elements are extras. The proof is that many individuals are making their own electric vehicles and perhaps they nor even think in building a combustion engine because that involves complicated engineering with metal forgery, fuel injection, refrigeration, lubrication, …, and all of this very precise. Even fancy keywords like “regenerative braking” are possible with those basic building blocks using the main DC motor as dynamo for getting available energy that otherwise would be lost without sense.

Standardization means that if you have a problem with your battery, there's an easy and affordable method to substitute it, even winning better specifications. That instead of the coercive methods seen in some manufacturers that do pretend, like laptop ones during too much time, establish another resource for subsequent extraction. The words are a bit harsh, but it's only trying to describe what's happening.

There are of course solutions for making accessible electric vehicles for everyone and eliminating all the critical problems of having billions of carbon dioxide machines polluting the air each day. At least here is a great possibility.

The article continues tomorrow, nevertheless we advance that it's based on lithium-ion 18650 batteries and conversion kits.

If you don't know this standard model of battery, here is a buying guide. As you can see they are easily available!

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