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EVs and more!

EVs and more!

Constantly new electric vehicles emerge from the ideas of the developers, but today there's not practically offerings when it comes to an electric passenger plane, like the ones that today can lift more than two hundred thousand litters of fuel, hundreds of passengers, the luggage and a weight of almost other 200.000 kilograms.

Some would say that's better don't argue about energy waste when it comes to analyzing passenger planes because the speed comes at a high consumption and contamination rate. Anyhow, this kind of plane creates another great business while the population are right now accustomed to them. Black gold resources being extracted so fast that anyone could guess problems in a near future.

Brilliant stars in the black sky were several from the eighties until today like Solar One, Sunrise, Solair 1, Bionic Bat or more recently Electric Lazair or Elektra E6, twin, trying to be certified as only is assisted by solar power.

The engineering collective has a great challenge, starting now, and with a sand clock already started. What's your bet? Magnetism to emulate the turbine working with an in situ generator? Does direct solar power also seem fantasy? Sophisticated batteries or supercapacitors?

This will a very good looking aspect to be aware of in the next decades!

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