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Hours, years watching TV!

Hours, years watching TV!

The statistics of hours per day watching TV are very worrying and from other perspectives a critical reality that shows how some population do not like to analyze themselves in terms of ethics. Think for instance in who uses a combustion vehicle for arriving swiftly at home, and he / she says that the car is necessary for this reason. But if the plan is to spend four or more hours in front of the TV, is really the time an issue?

Perhaps not in the most relevant part, as the statistics say that per day the use of TV is an average of 4 hours, some less or more in other fractions until surpassing five as well. That's interesting, with that time practicing music for instance, the player could achieve a mastery degree and the same with other skills. Add that quantity of time per day during the lifespan and you will get in the order of decades looking TV. Entirely, in a passive endeavor against providing the necessary signals to activate other kind of brain functionality.

If the TV is not for taking advantage in some serious way thus the final result is practically irrelevant, perhaps some individuals should reconsider using the apparatus so many years instead of gaining other much more productive and active benefits.

Some could say that the spare time in front of the colorful images try to rob a considerable part of the life, and, if utilized in other way, the person may achieve considerable wonders for him / herself or others. Life provides thousand activities for never demanding a single minute of TV ever, and the fun part is to discover them and advance each day a bit promoting evolution.

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