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Health benefits of tomatoes

Healthy and wonderfulHealthy and wonderful

Eating tomatoes provides a nice quantity of benefits for your health. Any fruit or vegetable should do the same, but only if they are not contaminated in some form. In the present epoch several production techniques are based in the strong use of fertilizers to increase growing speed, pesticides or even genetic manipulation. That's why we need to take care of what kind of vegetables are good for being taken.

In the case of tomatoes, each variety can be mixed using traditional methods without unnecessary risks.

Very curious that the tomato did not exist in Europe until the discovery of America, and right now is one of the most used vegetables in any part of it, fulfilling vast cultivation areas. Part of everyday diet of hundred million!

China is the main world producer of tomatoes, followed by the United States, India, Turkey and Egipt as of 2010.

How many tomato varieties did you taste? Did you think that they could be more than seven thousand? That's a really high number, and ready to be increased because the aforementioned inherent methods of mixing varieties.

And now, some of the promised health benefits that you could await after eating this nice vegetable:

  •  Antioxidant effect.
  • Less probability of developing severe ills.
  • More vitamin A, C and others.
  • UV protection.
  • Psychological effects after its nice taste!
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