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Frozen water in Earth (with image gallery)

FeaturedFrozen water in Earth (with image gallery)

Some buzz around says that 75% of Earth's water is frozen, but it's completely false! The frozen water is still a little percentage (~2%) in comparison with the vast quantity which resides in oceans, seas and related geographic zones like bays (~97%).

In the last years several research efforts did prove that ice at glaciers is being melted in almost very location. So, practically no area (less than 1%) is getting bigger. As greenhouse gases help sun rays stay longer, and the parts per million of carbon dioxide —that were measured technically— did raise from approximately 300 to 400 in five decades, it's time to accept that the global temperature should be augmenting, slow but inexorably at this insane pollution rate.

As everyone knows, all naturally occurring water is fresh or salted. Curious that frozen glaciers are composed of sweet water and then suitable for drinking! However, are future generations going to drink from glaciers? Good question for all people that are contributing to destroy the equilibrium and wait for natural setbacks. Although the beauty of those amazing ice formations is already photographed and ready to be artificially observed during thousands of years.

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