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Violent games or more elaborated alternatives

Violent games or more elaborated alternatives

In the jungle, different beasts need a type of violence to survive and in that locations it seems normal. And for sure, when there's no history, the industry can construct a game using only kicks, shots and alike resources. A map, weapons, players and the game can work for some people. Other sector asks for more, because nowadays state of the art games could be much more than a simplicity, sharing field with the aforementioned creatures in the jungle.

A well-developed history, action included, doesn't need to include violence for being spectacular. Without doubts about that, violence looks like the straightforward mechanism to create situations in the game, rather than others that do require more rationality for being conceived. Lack of creativity could cause this reality where the industry goes in circles specially in games with first or third person views.

It's true that some innovators —maybe it's better to say visionaries— are trying to include other elements more than the easy trigger soldier that picks up weapons, armor and exerts violence toward every moving object. Some games are an example of brutality, with insane, visceral gore that shouldn't go far in a balanced society with educative efforts to understand simple things like that promoting sensibility is better and more secure in general.

With the current evolution in games, cinema as art enclosure including photography, talent performance, stages, image sequences, music score, effects, history and more could be losing space in comparison as games permit another element of a maximum importance. Interactivity that converts the user in the main character to choose how the history is done. That way, with an industry with vision, every individual could have a history (and violence is not protagonist in the everyday life of so many people) to follow thus the success and satisfaction in both sides would be guaranteed.

We have been trying some games and too frequently the history forces you to pick up the inconclusive weapon, but for being fair there are examples of new winds and ideas in the plot that isolate more the violence for gaining other nuances (some would say finally leaving the jungle).

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