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Why everyone should learn music (part I)

FeaturedPercussion over music helps fix rhythmPercussion over music helps fix rhythm

Every human being intrinsically has the ability to understanding music since early ages as a consequence of having a brain that processes music in a natural way. A tense music creates as it name suggests tension in a baby or in any other person without considering the age. The same for other elemental sensations that can be created by music although for sure there are complexities that come with the mature age and the constant work once the brain is more accustomed to it.

This is a possible first reason because music serves as an intellectual exercise where any number of hours is not enough and never will be for achieving a highest point of performance and understanding. In other words, music could be compared with a mathematical field which doesn't have limits. It adds another strong variables like creativity and inherent characteristics of any character and its singularities.

The language of music goes to the lowest level, sensations and emotions that can be created, modified for a purpose. If the player knows the necessary steps, it's in its hands to start a magical journey each day modifying and let us say enjoying the change in human emotions at that level. This has an explanation and it has relationship with the greatness of the existence and the coded response for any type of sensation like it occurs in cinema soundtracks. Each sequence must have music for accompanying it or the music wouldn't provide an answer; this never happened until today after multiple movies or other audiovisual productions.

Another fantastic argument to remind that this perfection seems rare simply spraying a planet with water, and waiting for a stochastic evolution. Try it in Mars on our part fellows!

Other activities are related to the age acting like a limitation while music comes better proportionally after the number of years destined to practice and study. There are people who like simplicity in the music and others prefer to enter in a field of difficulties challenging themselves. Like it was already mentioned, that's an expression of the character and no language should be considered better for being pronounced faster, with infrequent words or more precision if the communication was done correctly and starts its effect. There is a specific sort of talent in saying much even with a well placed silence. It means no music is nicer than other from some respectable, rational perspective giving access to everyone. If no one likes it, you count on yourself for a while.

So an exercise that makes time worth, a source of daily pleasure without age limitations that gets better and evolves the brain... still not convinced? We'll try tomorrow with some relevant advice in part II.

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