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In 2009, the population of lynx pardinus was extremely endangered toward complete extinction with less than one hundred felines. The Iberian lynx is still endangered, but in several years their number was increasing constantly due to a program called "Life Lince", until now with more or less tree hundred.

Any species living in a specific zone acts like an allegory, a unique distinctive of it and part of the culture. To lose it means breaking the ancestral history and all the related opportunities related in that zone. If the place loses the identity, even a little of it, with it, the interest of the location also diminishes until perhaps the complete monotony. Life and its possibilities makes the great picture, and that's why each area should take care of their identity.

In this capitalized world, while lasts in the same methods, it's necessary to discuss about the economical viewpoint of the identity. An enormous source of income to the country usually comes in the form of tourism, and the people choose destinations with diversity and possibilities. To visit a national park and see an endemic species in its own habitat could create an amazing interest in thousand million people for thousand years.

Shows for TV, documents, royalties for media, emission rights, government licenses, organized visits, accommodation, contracts, restaurants, souvenirs, … a great business waiting to happen.

Looking through the optimistic view, programs like “Life Lince” are being realized around the world with results, and it requires new active collaboration —as also acts of philanthropy— where everybody should participate.

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