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Gecko, master of disguise

FeaturedGecko, master of disguise

These little creatures belong to the sauropsida family (reptile) with scales and they are found in warm climates and tropical around the world.

This gecko has as principal characteristic its tale that imitates the shape of a dry leaf. This one permits a nice camouflage for its predators in the middle of the forest canopy, where it naturally lives. Its usual size is 20 cm long, with a lengthened body and a head with a triangular shape. The leaf-tailed gecko lives in rainy places on the island of Madagascar. It's an expert of mimicking, capable of changing color and pattern in accordance of the place in where is located.

The colors that it adopts vary between purple, orange, auburn and yellow, and it's an expert imitator besides being capable of changing its body at will, always with the objective of defending itself from possible dangers. When it cannot go unnoticed, usually moves the tail for divert attention from its body and tail, because even losing the tail that after will be regenerated slightly less showy, the creature could scape from the imminent danger.

They are unique by the squeaky noises that emit to communicate. Their habits are nocturnal, that's why they have large eyes with vertical pupils that permit an extraordinary night vision. A great number of species have sticky pads on the soles, allowing them to climb vertical slopes.

In Europe there's a great variety of geckos. The name seems to proceed from a Malay word homophone and is also an onomatopoeia coming from the shout of an Indonesian specie. Gecko!!

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